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Manchester Art Gallery


The Pattern of Protection

Cotton, leather, nylon 2016

Karin Human

BA Hons Fashion Design

“During a time when woman were often seen but not heard, the Suffragettes stood up for themselves using a martial art relying solely on gravity….”

In designing this ensemble, Karin Human took her inspiration from the story of the group of Suffragettes who trained in martial arts. Their aim was to serve and protect their leader, Emmeline Pankhurst during marches and protests, by being able to quickly assemble into formation, then seamlessly disappear into the crowd. The textile design re-interprets the Suffragettes’ colours of green and purple and the silhouette references both East Asian dress and dress reform styles associated with the women’s movement in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Karin Human, The Pattern of Protection 2016
Photography: Layla Sailor

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