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Manchester Art Gallery


Woman Voters: Conquer Freedom

Organza, silk dupion (embroidered and beaded) 2016

Joana Almagro Bustalino

BA Hons Fashion Design

“The inspiration behind my design is Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffragettes – a tribute to women working together to gain the right to vote.”

Inspired by the Suffragette slogan ‘Women Voters: Conquer Freedom’, this design expresses the notion of Release through women attaining the right to vote. It adapts the colour scheme associated with the Suffragettes, and alludes to the changes in fashionable silhouette in the periods before and after the First World War. Freedom is further symbolised by the many panels of pleats around the skirt with a zip suggesting the possibility of shortened hemlines.

Joana Almagro Bustalino, Women Voters: Conquer Freedom 2016
Photography: Layla Sailor

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