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Passing The Dress-Code (In Memory of the Suffragettes)

Cotton, leather, synthetic materials 2016

Jessica Bachmann

BA Hons Fashion Design

“I focused on the concept of restriction and the experience of the Suffragettes…while referencing the contemporary artist Harald Nägeli and his abstract studies of women.”

Jessica Bachmann’s approach to design is influenced by her background in art history and conservation. For her response to Restriction / Release she was particularly inspired by the work of Picasso and Harald Nägeli, and explored how the human body can be strung into unusual shapes by a garment. School uniforms during the First World War and the strictures of educational systems were also conceptual and design inspirations.

Taking Picasso’s work, The Acrobat 1930 as a template, Bachmann has translated it into a garment pattern that wraps around the body. Its turns and twists, evoking the theme of restriction and women’s struggle to redefine their gender roles during the First World War.

Jessica Bachmann, Passing the Dress-Code (In Memory of the Suffragettes) 2016
Photography: Layla Sailor

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