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Silk, latex-coated cotton, PVC, leather, metal 2016


Silk, leather, PVC, metal 2016

Cherry Ng

BA Hons Fashion Design Technology Womenswear

“Stride reflects the changes after the war. Although women had gained much, unfair treatment was still restricting them. This is the reason I kept elastic bands in the design, which shows that they are not locked but still controlled.”

The inspiration for both of these designs came from the dazzle patrol ships of the First World War, and the experience and uniforms of women factory workers. The designer explored not only the changes the war brought about socially, but also in the visual arts. To her, dazzle ships are an emblem of art and of war: the pattern is a work of art but with a military function. Ng echoed the effect and appearance of dazzle camouflage through the use of pleats, which create visual confusion. She used the technique on both garments, in different ways, as reflections on conservatism in the pre and post-war periods.

Cherry Ng, Restriction: Locked 2016 and Release: Stride 2016
Photography: Layla Sailor

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