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Nylon, polyester 2015

Charlotte Malyon

BA Hons Fashion Design

“To create the many intricate gathers on the jacket I used materials such as dyed curtain tape and for the backpack, I used elastic to create the creasing… for each gather a piece of curtain tape was pulled at varied lengths until it produced the final silhouette.”

Charlotte Malyon’s piece draws inspiration from images of parachutes and skydiving; contrasting the release of a parachute with the restriction of its harness around the body. The large swathes of fabric left on the ground after landing from a jump also inspired her design. The materials and mechanisms of the parachute have been incorporated into the design, based on Malyon’s studies of an original parachute pattern and the MA1 flight jacket. The silhouette and volume have been achieved through the use of innovative pattern cutting techniques in tandem with draping on the stand.

Charlotte Maylon, Parachute 2015
Photography: Layla Sailor

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