Fashion & Freedom

Manchester Art Gallery

Mae Connolly

Female influence:
Iris Apfel

Layla Sailor

‘What I have learnt is not to be afraid of representing myself through fashion’ – Iris Apfel.

Iris Apfel is a 94 year old fashion icon. She represents Fashion and Freedom to me as she is experimental and uses unique clothing to express herself. To me, she defies expectations of people her age. I represented this in my photograph by using a traditionally made lace curtain which contains connotations of older fabrics. I then draped this with bold patterns and colours to contrast the stereotypes.

During and after WW1 women were represented as more fearless. Fashion became less physically restrictive as they had to work. This stemmed into women being allowed to express themselves more and become more experimental. Iris Apfel inspires me to dress to express yourself, not to please others.


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