Fashion & Freedom

Manchester Art Gallery

Freya Buckley

Female influence:
Marlise Ford

Layla Sailor

WW1 had a huge impact on women and out of this terrible time came the opportunity for women to actually showcase their skills and be seen as ‘useful’. This then led to the independence of women and eventually the vote. Out of this came a huge change in fashion. Uncomfortable corsets and heavy dresses became a thing of the past.

I chose to represent my grandmother, Marlise Ford. In 1953, at the age of 21, she decided to move from Germany to England in search of a life here. This was a bold move, not only for a woman to make by herself but as she came from Germany. When she came she had awful jobs including her first job as a cleaner where she struggled to be included and only had half a day off every other week. Through all of this she persevered and was immensely independent and strong.

Her actions have taught me how strong and independent I can be. I persevere and go for what I want in life no matter what.


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