Fashion & Freedom

Manchester Art Gallery

Fiona Duka

Female influence:
Lorna Duka / Coco Chanel

Layla Sailor

Throughout my whole life my sister, Lorna has supported me and has made me the person I am today. She has been a sister and a best friend and taught me to be myself and not to adapt to others expectations. She has been my inspiration and has always passed on her advice, love and guidance.

The Chanel perfume represents our same taste and style; it is also symbolic of the sweetness of our love. In addition I want to pay homage to Chanel and the impact she has had on women’s fashion.

After WW1 women’s fashion was revolutionised in the sense that they were beginning to express themselves through their clothing and fashion. It was women like Coco Chanel who helped to further push this revolution.


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