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Royal de Luxe

Memories of August 1914


Image credit: Ant Clausen

★★★★★ scales new heights…

The Stage

★★★★ 42,000 people queued to see the latest show from French street theatre specialists Royal de Luxe before it had even started.

The Guardian

‘there aren’t many entities that can leave Liverpool audiences dumbstruck. But that’s precisely what Royal De Luxe achieved…’

British Theatre Guide

Liverpool hosted one of the most astonishing events of the 2014 centenary when it welcomed the Giants onto its streets in a city-wide spectacular stretching across five uninterrupted days.

The world-renowned street theatre company Royal de Luxe retold the story of the famous Liverpool Pals Battalions, the young men who volunteered alongside their next-door neighbours, family members and friends to fight for Britain on the battlefields of Europe. Giants including the Little Girl, much missed since her previous visit to Liverpool, and her pet dog Xolo roamed the city, drawing crowds into their ranks wherever they ventured.

In 2014 more than a million people – local, national and some from overseas –  turned out to honour a courageous generation of Liverpudlians.

Co-commissioned by 14-18 NOW and Liverpool City Council.

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