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Make Art Not War : Partners

Make Art Not War has been created to encourage young people to develop and nurture essential creative skills.

The 14-18 NOW programme produced by ArtsMediaPeople has been devised with leading contemporary artist, Bob and Roberta Smith, leading academic Professor Bill Lucas, director of the Centre for Real World Learning at the University of Winchester and the former CEO of Creative & Cultural Skills, Pauline Tambling CBE.

Bob and Roberta Smith

Bob and Roberta Smith OBE RA, is a leading contemporary artist, writer, author, musician, and art education advocate. Known for this ‘slogan art’ he is also associate professor at Sir John Case Department of Art. He considers art as a human right and has long believed in the place of creativity and art in education. He was a lead artist for the 14-18 NOW commission in 2014, Lights Out and is the lead artist for Make Art Not War.

Centre for Real World Learning, University of Winchester

Bill Lucas is Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning and Professor of Learning at the University of Winchester. In 2017 he was appointed to be the co-chair of the new PISA 2021 test of Creative Thinking which will be based on his acclaimed five-dimensional model for creativity.

For Make Art Not War, as a writer and creativity advisor, working with Ellen Spencer, he has edited and generated a suite of curriculum materials to impact creative approaches to learning for 16-18 year olds.

Creative & Cultural Skills

Creative & Cultural Skills is an independent charity and licensed Sector Skills Council that champions non-traditional progression routes into and through the workforce. They deliver activities for young people though the National Skills Academy network and promote careers advice, guidance and apprenticeships.

The project is delighted to be collaborating with the UAL Awarding Body and the Sixth Form Colleges Association.