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Make Art Not War :

War has a long relationship with art. There are war artists, war poets and war photographers, but what about peace sculptors and peace poets?

Leading contemporary artist, Bob and Roberta Smith, invites 16-18 year-old students nationwide to explore essential creative skills and to make new work in response to the bold provocation...

What does peace mean to you?


Bob and Roberta Smith

Anna Meredith Imagination: Confidence in Original Thinking See the 14-18 NOW Commission

Marc Rees Collaboration and Co-Production See the 14-18 NOW Commission

Katrina Palmer Inquisitive: Curiosity and Research as Inspiration See the 14-18 NOW Commission

Daljit Nagra Discipline: Refining and Redrafting See the 14-18 NOW Commission

Rachel Whiteread Persistance in Uncertainty See the 14-18 NOW Commission

Jeremy Deller Persistent: Taking Creative Risks See the 14-18 NOW Commission

These resources for 16-18 year-olds offer compelling exemplar material for the UAL Awarding Body Diplomas, along with practical A Level project assignments and Extended Project Qualification resources.

Use the learning resources along with the films to generate student creative responses to the question:

What does peace mean to you?


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