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Furious Folly


Image credit: Farrows Creative.

Anderson creat(es) audio visual alchemy that uses light, heat, vibrations, electricity, oscillating chemicals and paraphernalia to dazzle our eyes and startle our imaginations.

Richard Wilson

Mark Anderson led a team of artists in a response to the inconceivable madness of the First World War. Taking place as night falls in no-man’s land, Furious Folly immersed the audience in an open-air collage of sound, kinetic devices, pyrotechnics and performance.

Anderson drew on the anti-war sentiment of the Dadaist movement of the early 20th century. The madness of the battlefield and the futility of WW1 led these artists to a new artistic language that deliberately eschewed structure and meaning, rejecting everything that had gone before. Furious Folly used the Dada ethos to rail against the inhumanity and senselessness of conflicts past and present.

‘In Zurich in 1915, losing interest in the slaughterhouse of the world war, we turned to the Fine Arts. While the thunder of the batteries rumbled in the distance, we pasted, we recited, we versified, we sang with all our soul. We searched for an elementary art that would, we thought, save mankind from the furious folly of these times.’ Hans Arp, founding member of the Dadaist movement

Created at 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space.
Produced by Corn Exchange Newbury and OCM in association with Birmingham Hippodrome, Oxford Playhouse, Oxford Festival of the Arts and Stockton International Riverside Festival.
Co-commissioned by 14-18 NOW and the Town of Poperinge

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