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Film still from Resemblance, Claire Cunningham, 2014
World War 1 Shorts

Does it Matter?

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Image credit: Film still from Resemblance, Claire Cunningham, 2014

Simon Mckeown

An artist with a defined interest in the cultural presentation of disability and issues connected with societal views of normality. Trained as fine artist, he worked in London at the beginning of the digital era in the film and television industry..

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Claire Cunningham

A performer and creator of multi-disciplinary performance based in Glasgow. A self-identifying disabled artist Cunningham's work is often rooted in the study and use/misuse of her crutches, and the exploration of the potentiality of her own specific physicality. Her body..

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Jez Colborne

A uniquely talented learning-disabled composer and musician. He has acutely sensitive hearing and perfect pitch. He could sing before he could talk. Tim Wheeler is co-founder and Artistic Director of Mind the Gap, the UK’s largest theatre and performing arts company..

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Katherine Araniello

A London-based performance and video artist, who uses subversive humour to expose hypocrisy in response to contemporary themes. Her art transforms the bleak and grim truths of the ordinary mundane realities of disability into deadpan and humorous short sketches. Katherine twists the..

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Tony Heaton OBE

Tony Heaton is a practising sculptor and CEO of Shape Arts. His Monument to the Unintended Performer was installed on the Big 4 at Channel 4 TV Centre celebrating the 2012 Paralympics, created in recognition of all those disabled people..

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