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Tony Heaton OBE

Tony Heaton is a practising sculptor and CEO of Shape Arts. His Monument to the Unintended Performer was installed on the Big 4 at Channel 4 TV Centre celebrating the 2012 Paralympics, created in recognition of all those disabled people subject to scrutiny simply by getting on a bus in a wheelchair. He was also invited to re-create his sculpture Great Britain from a Wheelchair for the Paralympic opening and closing ceremonies as Lecterns for Lord Coe and Sir Phillip Craven. His Squarinthecircle? is situated outside the school of architecture, Portsmouth University. He was previously director of Holton Lee, developing the architectural award winning Faith House Gallery and fully accessible studios.

Does it Matter?

World War 1 ShortsDoes it Matter?


A series of short films presenting the perspective of five contemporary disabled artists on the legacies of war and disability in Britain today.