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Simon Mckeown

An artist with a defined interest in the cultural presentation of disability and issues connected with societal views of normality.

Trained as fine artist, he worked in London at the beginning of the digital era in the film and television industry before moving to triple AAA computer games. He is disabled, having a rare bone condition and has broken approximately 140 bones. An expert in animation and motion capture, Mckeown is also a Reader in Animation and Post Production at Teesside University, in Middlesbrough. He works and exhibits his artworks, which cover digital work, prints, painting, large-scale inflatable sculpture and outdoor work nationally and internationally, most recently in Prague, Dresden, and Cork.

Does it Matter?

World War 1 ShortsDoes it Matter?


A series of short films presenting the perspective of five contemporary disabled artists on the legacies of war and disability in Britain today.