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Keaton Henson

Keaton was born in 1988 in London. Originally, Henson was an illustrator. He designed the artwork for various albums including Dananananakroyd’s Hey Everyone! And Enter Shikari’s Take to the Skies.

In November 2010 his debut album Dear… was released on Motive Sounds Recordings, in a limited edition which he made by himself.  In 2011 he released a single, “Metaphors”, on Porchlight Records. He also recorded “Don’t Be Afraid” for the Tormented soundtrack.

Henson’s breakthrough came when Zane Lowe played “You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are” on BBC Radio 1. The play received a rapturous reaction from listeners.

Henson formed his own Oak Ten Records and officially re-released his debut album Dear… in 2012. It went on to sell over 7,000 copies and gained a cult following. The album was critically acclaimed. The album, which never charted, spawned three singles — “Charon”, “Small Hands” and “You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are” — all of which were accompanied by music videos.

The video for “Charon” was shortlisted for a UK MVA award in Best Budget Indie/Rock Category. “Small Hands” won Best Music Video at Rushes Soho Shorts 2012.

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