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Iván Pérez

Iván Pérez is a Freelance choreographer and former dancer of the Nederland’s Dans Theater I, II and IT Dansa. Iván studied Choreography and Dramaturgy at the Rey Juan Carlos University.

Iván´s work has won numerous prizes, among these: third prize at the XIX Choreographic Competition of Madrid, first prize Young Creator Competition and first prize at the II International Choreography Competition Burgos-New York, and many more.

Iván has created works for the Nederlands Dans Theater I, Nederlands Dans Theater II, Compañía Nacional de Danza, National Ballet of Cuba, among others. During this season, Iván will be creating exciting new work with partners across countries.

His independent productions tour to theaters in Holland and International Festivals. In 2013 Iván assisted Gerald Tibbs at the Nederlands Dans Theater II. Pérez teaches in different international Festivals and Theaters.

Iván is associate choreographer with Korzo Theater. Pérez´s independent work is financially supported by The City of The Hague and Ministry of OCW for the years 2013-2016.

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