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Graham Gingles

Graham Gingles was born in Co. Antrim in 1943, attended Belfast College of Art and has been living and working in Northern Ireland ever since. A member of the Royal Ulster Academy of Art, Graham began his artistic career as a painter and his fine skills as a draughtsman are still evident today in his paintings and mixed media that continue to be central to his oeuvre.

He is best known as a unique sculptor who makes enigmatic combination wall-hanging sculptures, usually enclosed in meticulously crafted wood and glass boxes. These magnificently built wall sculptures incorporate found objects among other things and deal with loss, memory and the propagation of the species. They are highly complex works, commonly viewed as personal reliquaries of the artist’s own internal world. They are enigmatic, dark and demanding – compelling the viewer to come close and examine the intricacies of the various compartments and corridors.

Graham Gingles

At times like these men were wishing they were all kinds of insectsGraham Gingles


The Northern Irish artist took inspiration from the Princess Mary Gift Fund boxes, created in 1914 for distribution to members of the armed forces at Christmas.