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Impact to date

14-18 NOW connects people with the First World War through the transformative power of the arts. Since 2014, we have been working in partnership with arts and heritage organisations across the UK to commission extraordinary new arts experiences.

  • 30 million people have experienced our projects so far
  • Including 7.5 million young people
  • We have worked with 213 artists from 35 countries
  • Projects have taken place in 160 locations across the UK, from Orkney to Plymouth, Norwich to Belfast
  • 16.7 million people took part in LIGHTS OUT
  • 3.5 million people have so far seen Poppies Wave and Weeping Window on tour
  • 63% of the British population were aware of Jeremy Deller’s We’re here because we’re here

Key findings:

14-18 NOW is independently evaluated by Morris Hargreaves McIntyre to capture a range of artistic, heritage, partnership, volunteering and audience outputs and outcomes. Key findings to date include:

  • Our programme of events have set a new benchmark for the arts and heritage sectors in commemorating national moments both in the UK and internationally
  • Experiencing a 14-18 NOW project has demonstrably increased the UK public’s sense of relevance of the First World War
    We’re here because we’re here on 1 July 2016 raised the bar for cultural programming and has become a leading model for large-scale artist-led commemoration in the UK and internationally
  • Our programme of free events has reached more diverse audiences than normally for the arts and heritage sectors and shown the value of public outdoor arts in engaging new audiences
  • In undertaking work across the UK and a diverse range of activity, 14-18 NOW is succeeding in achieving reach and resonance at a local, national and international level

By re-shaping the commemorative act, 14-18 NOW projects have presented heritage on an individual, human scale and enabled artists, participants and audiences to connect emotionally and intellectually with the First World War; prompting people to be more curious about those who lived during it and inspiring them to find out more.


Download the reports below for a summary of findings from the 2014 and 2016 seasons.


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